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How John Perry Barlow Said He Would Like to Be Remembered

“A good man who wanted to make sure that anyone, anywhere, could express themselves AND THAT anyone, anywhere, could receive it, without interruption.” – John Perry Barlow, May 2015

When I was taking care of John Perry at his medical rehab facility, in May of 2015, he was interviewed by a staff member about his life and interests. (They were form questions designed to help the staff give him reading material.)

The questions weren’t meant to be poignant, but for John Perry, they really were. Questions like “Do you try to have an effect on the world?” and “Do you pay attention to current events?” Then, strangely, I thought, for a hospital, she asked him “How would you like to be remembered?”

(Yes, being an archivist, I just had to write it down.)

After much thought, and a few corrections – John Perry said:

“A good man who wanted to make sure that anyone, anywhere, could express themselves AND THAT anyone, anywhere, could receive it, without interruption.”

Let’s continue to work hard to make John Perry’s dream come true! 🙂

Here’s the whole document below, – with my “To Do” list for him at the top.

Cylindrian Rutabega and ChangHigh Sisters Perfoming TODAY – Great Music and Visual Performance Art

DATE: TODAY – Saturday, March 22, 2008
TIME: 11am and 3pm SLT
Come see my pal Cylindrian Rutabega – along with the ChangHigh Sisters – performing LIVE.
I haven’t seen the ChangHigh sisters personally yet, but for those of you, like myself, who are interested in both music artists, and the latest set design and visual performance art in the Second Life space, I hear they’re pushing the envelope, and I think you’ll be interested in checking out this show.
I’ll be at the 3pm show, if you want to meet up there.
Cylindrian was very excited to be branching out a little from the traditional “music gig,” and over into a new kind of artistic realm.
Here’s a little more from the notecard from Cylindrian:
“ChangHigh Sisters will not only dance their beautiful firedances of an exotic and seductive nature, but will in the show, present the virtuals worlds first 2, 3, 6 and 7 acrobatic pyramids and will jump up in their rotating trapezes and show the harmony and elegance of an almost unseen kind ever before.”
Click on the image below for a teleport.

Video of Aubrey de Grey on Colbert Report

Wow my worlds collide again. I just met Aubrey last October.
Now, he’s on the Colbert Report.
(sidenote: I have an 45 minute interview of my own with him that I’ll be putting up soon, but I really wanted to present it just the right way. I told him I wanted the “homer simpson version” of what the hell he was talking about, and by golly, I think he gave it to me 🙂
Stephen’s skepticism actually does a really nice job of framing Aubrey arguments too! Nice work Stephen!
You can find out more by picking up a copy of Aubrey’s book too.

Learn more about Aubrey’s SENS platform.
All hail The Colbert Report.

Chris Paine Gets a Mention In This Week’s Time

Chris Paine gets a mention in the opener of a new Time Magazine article about GM’s
Green Motors

No one would mistake Chris Paine for a General Motors shill. In his 2006 documentary Who Killed the Electric Car?, the filmmaker laid out a damning case against GM for unplugging the EV1, the electric vehicle it manufactured in the 1990s and then discontinued in 2003, preferring instead to produce high-margin but gas-guzzling trucks and SUVs. “They were a technological leader, and they fumbled that leadership away,” Paine says. Ask him about the U.S. carmaker now, though, and Paine sounds almost admiring. “Their new hybrids are making a difference, and their plug-in technology is a real advance,” he says. “GM is making some really good moves now.”

March In Santa Monica Tuesday at 6pm to Save The Trees

Hey LA-based tree hugger peeps!
Time to come out in full force tomorrow evening in Santa Monica for a
March to Save The Trees
in memory of Gandhi’s Birthday.
Chris Paine, and old friend of mine, and Director of the awesome film, Who Killed The Electric Car, has been helping to organize a series of Tree Saver meetings that have been going on over the past few weeks to save over 50 Ficus trees scheduled for removal under the guise of being diseased (extreme disagreement over this point by experts in the community).
There’s a Tree Saver Blog where you can get more information about it all.

Below: The Tree Savers Crew

This is a few weeks ago. We’re a much larger group now, with over 70 100 people on our mailing list!

Here’s more about Who Killed The Electric Car too! Lots to talk about on this front in the days – and years, to come:

Press/Reviews of Film
Why Electric Cars Are Better
Cool Scenes From The Film I found on YouTube
Buy The DVD

City Lights Bookstore Readings This Tuesday Night Look Cool: RU Sirius, Howard Rheingold, David Pescovitz, Jamais Cascio

More info here.
There’s an interesting collection of old friends (and one new one) at this event Tuesday night, so I’m gonna try to make it.
I’ve known RU for years before we ever started working together (via Ron Turner at Last Gasp, who published the graphic novel I edited for Timothy Leary — Link to phone message from him about the book that I love to link to 🙂
Recently, I co-hosted an RU Sirius show last October with guest Dan the Automator w/RU and Jeff Diehl — and also produced the Songs From the Commons Podcasts from 2006 for RU’s
Meanwhile, I just reconnected with Howard Rheingold last week, after about 4 years (!) and took a nice walk out on Mt. Tamalpias, and talked about Second Life, Twitter and Facebook for two hours (and inspired Howard to increase his twittering i think 🙂
BoingBoing’s David Pescovitz I know well from the old days with Cory when he lived here in San Francisco, and thus I have not seen David for years – so I can’t wait to…and…
Jamais Cascio has been a great twitter friend for a few weeks now that I look forward to finally meeting in person…
Let’s see if I can make it out of my cave Tuesday night!
See you there!

Kent Bye On Speaking Out

Kent Bye just recently relocated to San Francisco from Maine, and the Bay Area will never be the same 🙂
Just found this cool vid of Kent Bye and Jay Dedman walking through San Francisco discussing the role of citizen journalism’s influence on big media and their continued state of denial regarding its obvious impact.
Translation: Turns out that people’s opinions do matter after all!
Update 4/13/07 – Kent explained to me that “That vid is actually from NYC way back in October of 2005. 🙂
Jay shot it and was cleaning up his archives during VBW07”