Check Out Felonius, Stateless, and Bright River In Hamburg, Germany

I know I have a lot of readers in Germany, so I wanted to let you guys know about this rare chance to get a slice of the city by the bay.
As I might have mentioned earlier, Felonius is going to play SCOUT again on the last show June 29th. (Here’s video and an mp3 of a track from its May 11 appearance, to give you a taste of these guys.)
In the meantime, Felonius is in Hamburg, Germany, this week, playing a show and performing “Stateless,” a hip hop play starring Felonius’ Dan Klein. Battle flutist Tim Barsky is with them. His Bright River hip hop play is also performing in Hamburg this week. (Soulati and Infinite from Felonius are also in Bright River.)
I haven’t seen “Stateless” yet, but I’ve seen Felonius and Bright River in action, and I’m sure it’s great.
Any of these shows will give you a chance to hear some of the best San Francisco Bay Area beatboxing, mc-ing, and hip hop theatr-ing going on right now.
Sidenote: Bright River is simply a great play, by any theatre-lover’s standards. (Like a “go to Jekyll and Hyde with grandma one night, go to Bright River with grandma the next night” great play. Like, “there’s no way this thing isn’t making it to Broadway” kind of great.)
Here are the details:
Felonius is playing Friday June 10th at the Fabrik
show starts early at 7pm
Stateless (w/Dan Klein) is playing Saturday June 11th at 8pm
and Sunday June 12th at 10pm at the
Monsun Theater
Bright River (Tim Barsky and Carlos and Tommy) plays Saturday June 11th at 10pm at the same place (The Monsun Theater.