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City Lights Bookstore Readings This Tuesday Night Look Cool: RU Sirius, Howard Rheingold, David Pescovitz, Jamais Cascio

More info here.
There’s an interesting collection of old friends (and one new one) at this event Tuesday night, so I’m gonna try to make it.
I’ve known RU for years before we ever started working together (via Ron Turner at Last Gasp, who published the graphic novel I edited for Timothy Leary — Link to phone message from him about the book that I love to link to 🙂
Recently, I co-hosted an RU Sirius show last October with guest Dan the Automator w/RU and Jeff Diehl — and also produced the Songs From the Commons Podcasts from 2006 for RU’s
Meanwhile, I just reconnected with Howard Rheingold last week, after about 4 years (!) and took a nice walk out on Mt. Tamalpias, and talked about Second Life, Twitter and Facebook for two hours (and inspired Howard to increase his twittering i think 🙂
BoingBoing’s David Pescovitz I know well from the old days with Cory when he lived here in San Francisco, and thus I have not seen David for years – so I can’t wait to…and…
Jamais Cascio has been a great twitter friend for a few weeks now that I look forward to finally meeting in person…
Let’s see if I can make it out of my cave Tuesday night!
See you there!

Stephen Kent and Paul Horn At Grace Cathedral

These are from the October 7, 2005 performance at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, CA.
Stephen Kent is a very talented diggery doo artist who also plays a ton of other cool percussion and wind instruments. Paul Horn is a jazz flute player who dabbles in a host of other genres.
These are little 30 second clips taken with my little Casio EX-S3. All I was trying to do was capture the essence of what it sounded like to hear a diggery doo in Grace Cathedral. I was amazed at the quality of the sound.

Stephen Kent At Grace Cathedral

Stephen Kent and Paul Horn together at Grace Cathedral

Check Out Felonius, Stateless, and Bright River In Hamburg, Germany

I know I have a lot of readers in Germany, so I wanted to let you guys know about this rare chance to get a slice of the city by the bay.
As I might have mentioned earlier, Felonius is going to play SCOUT again on the last show June 29th. (Here’s video and an mp3 of a track from its May 11 appearance, to give you a taste of these guys.)
In the meantime, Felonius is in Hamburg, Germany, this week, playing a show and performing “Stateless,” a hip hop play starring Felonius’ Dan Klein. Battle flutist Tim Barsky is with them. His Bright River hip hop play is also performing in Hamburg this week. (Soulati and Infinite from Felonius are also in Bright River.)
I haven’t seen “Stateless” yet, but I’ve seen Felonius and Bright River in action, and I’m sure it’s great.
Any of these shows will give you a chance to hear some of the best San Francisco Bay Area beatboxing, mc-ing, and hip hop theatr-ing going on right now.
Sidenote: Bright River is simply a great play, by any theatre-lover’s standards. (Like a “go to Jekyll and Hyde with grandma one night, go to Bright River with grandma the next night” great play. Like, “there’s no way this thing isn’t making it to Broadway” kind of great.)
Here are the details:
Felonius is playing Friday June 10th at the Fabrik
show starts early at 7pm
Stateless (w/Dan Klein) is playing Saturday June 11th at 8pm
and Sunday June 12th at 10pm at the
Monsun Theater
Bright River (Tim Barsky and Carlos and Tommy) plays Saturday June 11th at 10pm at the same place (The Monsun Theater.

Neat Art Installation Opening In San Francisco This Friday Night – June 10

I was emailed an invite to this today. I can’t make it, but it looked really neat, so I thought I’d let you know about it.
Scion Installation art tour this Friday, 6/10/05 Scion presents…

Installation Art Tour

Featuring 35 works by:
David Choe, Crash, Daze, Dr. Revolt, Mear, Fuse Green, Andy Howell, Freddi C, Blaine Fontana, Chase, Stay High 149, Kofie, Saber, Sever, Eklips, Justin Hampton, Swank, Tim McCormick and many more!
Opening reception
Friday, June 10, 2005 6pm-10pm
Live art by Sam Flores
DJ sets by Sake 1 and Hakobo
Artists in attendance: Chase, Fuse Green, Stay High 149 and more
On Six Gallery
60 6th St.
San Francisco, CA

A Pair Of Funnies On “The Gates” – Courtesy Of The Daily Show

This is from the February 14, 2005 program.
The first bit is more informative than anything else.
The second bit with Stephen Colbert is totally hilarious.

First Daily Show Bit On “The Gates”
(9 MB)

Audio – First Daily Show Bit On “The Gates”
(MP3 – 6 MB)

Stephen Colbert On “The Gates”
(9 MB)

Audio – Stephen Colbert On “The Gates”
(MP3 – 6 MB)

San Francisco Folks: Last Gasp and Varnish Fine Art Present a Dual Book Signing: Glenn Barr and Firehouse Kustom Rockart Company

Ron Turner of Last Gasp Comix just sent me an invite to this cool book signing going on today in San Francisco.
You should come by and check it out if you are so inclined. See you there!

Glenn Barr and Firehouse Kustom Rockart Company
This Saturday, September 13, 4-6pm
77 Natoma St. (between 1st & 2nd St. and Mission & Howard)
SF CA 94105
And now, a bit about the artists…
Glenn Barr’s robots, creatures and vixens live in a seedy yet swinging 1960s universe, drenched in the haze of a post-industrial hangover. Working out of the burgeoning lowbrow movement in Detroit, Barr uses elements of pop culture to infuse familiarity to an otherwise parallel reality, where angels and devils alike share the same urban playground. With a nod to pulp art and cartooning, Barr’s paintings are mesmerizing in both their simplicity and depth.
“Lowlife Paradise,” co-published with La Luz de Jesus Press, is the first ever collection of Glenn Barr’s work. A special edition of the book will be for sale at the signing.
Lowlife Paradise:
The artists of the Firehouse Kustom Rockart Company, aka Chuck Sperry and Ron Donovan, have created posters for numerous major rock bands (Pavement, Pearl Jam, the Beastie Boys, Hole, and the Rolling Stones). But they’ve maintained their street credibility by furnishing posters for such events as Incredibly Strange Wrestling, which mixes punk bands and Mexican wrestlers.
A 100-page full-color book, Eyesore contains a rich sampling of their signature silkscreen technique that blends splendid artistry with impeccable craftsmanship — an eye-popping collection of the rock and roll posters and ephemera that made this studio famous.
The venue: Varnish Fine Art is located in the heart of downtown San Francisco at 77 Natoma Street, between 1st and 2nd St. and Mission and Howard. The gallery has a fine wine, beer and sake bar.

Check Out Philip Ross and Laura Splan’s SF Camerawork Opening Tomorrow Night

Laura Splan is one of the Illegal Art artists I’ve been working with making my movie.
Of course, not all the art she creates is illegal. She’s got an opening tomorrow night with another artists, Philip Ross.
Hope to see you there.
Artists Presentations – Philip Ross & Laura Splan
Tuesday, August 26, 7:30 pm – Gallery opens at 7 pm
SF Camerawork
@ New Langton Arts
1246 Folsom Street (between 8th and 9th Streets)
San Francisco, CA 94103
Local artists Philip Ross and Laura Splan both make work inspired by life and life science. Whether it’s human or non-human life, growth or decomposition, ecosystems or HMO’s, each artist works in a variety of media to present provocative work unveiling traits of the world around us. Artist Philip Ross uses living organisms and life support technologies as the inspiration and the means by which he makes his work. This process has yielded a series of highly manipulated living organisms and a number of sculptural structures specifically designed to support, confine and protect them. Laura Splan’s work explores how our surroundings and experiences mediate our perceptions of the human body. Believing that interaction with objects can leave a mark on our psyche via their form and function, Splan examines the dynamics of these interactions through visual metaphors, visceral materials, and images that challenge our perceptions of beauty and horror. The artist frequently uses medical science and technology as a point of departure to question categories of what is natural, what is normal, and what is desirable.
Gallery & Bookstore opens at 7 pm
$6/$4 members, students, and seniors