Hip Hop Record Label Owner Receives Strange Visit From Secret Service

I’m going to be in a hip hop video being shot next week by Ryan Junell. The song is called Under Surveillence by the group Variable Unit.

By a strange coincidence, that very same day I was recruited for the video, Billy Jam sent me this story, which details a situation where Dave Paul, owner of San Francisco’s tiny Independent BOMB Hip Hop record label, was questioned by two Secret Service Agents who were responding to a tip from Cheaptickets.com, who claimed Paul had made threatening statements about the Shrub while purchasing tickets over the phone.

Check it out:

Hip Hop Record Label Owner Dave Paul Interrogated By Secret Service Under Suspicion Of Being Threat To President George W. Bush

by Billy Jam for HipHopSlam.com

“The Secret Service showed up at my door. I was not here. They had told my mom that I had said some stuff on the phone and that I needed to answer to it. So I called the agent on his phone and he claimed that cheaptickets.com had reported to them that I had said some things about George W. Bush when I was on the phone working on my flight. I assured them that I said absolutely nothing and they wanted to come over and interview me in person, which they did with two agents. And they even wanted to come in and take a look around my room to make sure that there were no photos of “so-called person” with a target drawn on it or something to that effect. I don’t know if it’s someone at cheaptickets lying or maybe the Secret Service just used that as an excuse to investigate since the name of the record company…. I even gave them a flyer for tonight’s show but they didn’t look like they were too interested. I invited them down. They were pretty nice about it. I think just because when you’re making flight reservations and the company name is what it is and that’s what on your credit card and it shows four people going to Oklahoma City that I’m sure someone at cheaptickets pulled a red flag on it.”

Here is the full text of the article in case the link goes bad:

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