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Wow! CC Mixter Went Off On My “Hepepe and Me” Acapella Track

Wow! It’s been a long time since I’ve been over to CC Mixter!
They’ve been as busy as ever over there, creating a bunch of great new remixes using my Hepepe and Me acapella track.
MC Jackinthebox, one of my favorites, created a CC Chickster track using samples from many of the CC Mixter female vocal staples.
Then I find out that Hepepe created a new song using the acapella track that I originally added to his song (Hepepe and me), Byrd of Cool. He created a completely different track and called it:
Lisa and Me.
How cool is that?!
I’ve been fishing around in CC Mixter because I’m in the process of editing together a ton of Second Life videos, and I needed music for them.
As usual, ten minutes over at CC Mixter and I’m all set for soundtracks!
Oh yeah, this Dr. GoldKlang remix rocks too… (And it mixes me with death metal vocals, which I totally dig 🙂

No Halloween In the Castro This Year? Don’t Stand For It!

I’ve been to the Castro on Halloween several times, and even on years that I don’t decide to go, it’s important to me that I know it’s there, happening. Just over there, being cultural, historical, and wonderful. And I always get to hear interesting and exciting anecdotes from my friends that make it.
Now we’re told the party’s over because, it would appear, of some gang incident that happened last year that didn’t have anything to do with the festivities.
Merchants are being asked to close early. I hope they don’t. They make a lot of money on Halloween. Why should they have to suffer too?

here’s the article in the chronicle about it
How can we save it guys? I dunno. Seems like we should go straight to Gavin Newsome about it. This is a good issue to see where he’s at on over-reaching blanket bans on public congregation…
It’s like telling the German’s “hey, no Oktoberfest this year.”
Here’s the best quote of the article:

“People are still going to go to the Castro,” said Ted Strawser, founder of the San Francisco Party Party, a group that opposes the move. “Without services, they’re just going to pee in the street, and without entertainment, mischief will occur.”

Updated to provide easy links to The San Francisco Party Party’s website on this issue and its party platform statement.

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New RU Sirius Show Up On Mondoglobo – With Me As Guest Co-host

I had a great time guest co-hosting with RU Sirius and Jeff Diehl on this week’s RU Sirius show. (MP3 – 26 MB)
We talked about election fraud (what a surprise) and interviewed Dan the Automator (Dan’s myspace page).
Photos are forthcoming, but I hate to hold up posting for anything these days, because I seem to never get back to it…

Songs From The Commons #12

Wow. I can’t believe I never posted my
Songs From The Commons
show (#12). (Let’s just say I’m busier than I think I’ve ever been in my entire life, doubled. )
But still. How could I have forgotten to tell you about it, after all that work? It took me a long time and I remember feeling good about it when it was done, although right now I’m consumed by too many things to remember why…
Oh yeah, it has my remix of Mc Jack In The Box‘s remix of Brad Sucks in it, for one thing. I was also pleased with how well Cindy Sheehan and friends’ protesting at the UN was adapted to a beat.
The subject is recent developments in Creative Commons search tools:

The CC folks threw a user interface on top of the google and yahoo searches.
It’s also a great place to see a lot of great CC repositories all in one place.
2. Flickr’s Creative Commons Page
Browse by license on this popular photography site.
3. Google’s Advanced search feature:

Across from the heading “Usage Rights,” you will wee a drop down selector.

Fifth Songs From The Commons Show Up!

I just uploaded my fifth SFTC podcast.
This show features tracks from Wired’s Creative Commons CD DJ Dolores, Dan The Automator, The Beastie Beastie Boys, and Thievery Corporation. Everything is available under CC’s Sampling Plus License.
More music, less talk, this show. And starting next week, all of these shows will be available in a “yapping free” format. I’m doing this because, it seems to me, that after you hear the spoken portion once or twice, you’d probably be done with it. While a music-only version can live on in your Ipod…FOREVER! (crescendo…echo…fade out…)

Come To The Show Tonight At The Red Devil Lounge

This whole next month of
shows is gonna be sw-eet.
First of all, due to popular demand, Variable Unit will be jamming a lot more on its own.
Another change: We’re having a different DJ every week now for the opener.
This week, DJ Quest. Next week, DJ Marz (another of the Space Travelers). The week after that, we don’t know yet
Here’s the line up for tomorrow night’s show. (Wed June 1, 2005)

DJ Quest – Opening from 9-10pm
Guest MCs:
MC Link-Letterz
(Ctrl Z)
Paulie Rhyme
(Finless Brown)
Special Guests TBA