Nice PIzza In Potrero HIll

I’m starting to get out more and travel around again, and I’m going to start keeping track of nice places (and I suppose, bad ones, when necessary) — to maybe help you out when you’re traveling around.
Last night’s find was Goat Hill Pizza in Potrero Hill in San Francisco.
Great Pizza and nice atmosphere. (And they let me intervew Eva Jettmar in the back without a complaint. Actually, she’s pretty fascinating, and I think most of the people eating in the back were pretty entertained.)
Lots of networks, and I found a few open networks, but I couldn’t get one to work. But I didn’t get around to trying them all. There were over a dozen, and some of them had names like “PUBLIC” and stuff. It’s just hard on Potrero HIll with all the hills and stuff to get good reception, so that could have also been a factor.