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Second Draft of EXPECT US – My Theme Song For Occupy Wall Street and Anonymous

Updated Jan 22, 2012: FINAL VERSION OF THIS SONG

12:15 pm – SONG FIXED NOW – HAD A BAD MP3 for a while – sorry!


This version is way closer to my grand vision of this thing. It still needs more tracks and mixing but… it’s getting there.

Seems like it’s worth listening to now – and a lot of you are freezing yer asses off out in the streets right now, so I felt like maybe this could cheer you up a bit.

October 25, 2011 - Snow Park, Oakland, California

October 25, 2011 - Snow Park, Oakland, California

This work (Expect Us – September 17, by Lisa Rein), identified by Lisa Rein, is free of known copyright restrictions.

Wow! CC Mixter Went Off On My “Hepepe and Me” Acapella Track

Wow! It’s been a long time since I’ve been over to CC Mixter!
They’ve been as busy as ever over there, creating a bunch of great new remixes using my Hepepe and Me acapella track.
MC Jackinthebox, one of my favorites, created a CC Chickster track using samples from many of the CC Mixter female vocal staples.
Then I find out that Hepepe created a new song using the acapella track that I originally added to his song (Hepepe and me), Byrd of Cool. He created a completely different track and called it:
Lisa and Me.
How cool is that?!
I’ve been fishing around in CC Mixter because I’m in the process of editing together a ton of Second Life videos, and I needed music for them.
As usual, ten minutes over at CC Mixter and I’m all set for soundtracks!
Oh yeah, this Dr. GoldKlang remix rocks too… (And it mixes me with death metal vocals, which I totally dig 🙂

Links to the HTML Versions of My Copyright and Creative Commons Guide wanted to get this up quick so it would be easy to tell people at the ACM conference.
Looks like I never told you that I HTML’d my Copyright/Creative Commons Paper and Guide.
It’s all indexed and such so it should be easier to get around in.
Don’t forget the handy pro/con table for Creative Commons Licenses

Songs From The Commons Shows Back Up

Due to an unexpected hosting emergency, my Songs From The Commons podcasts were down for a week or so.
They’re back up now on the Mondoglobo site, and hopefully the blog part of it will be back soon too.
I’ve created my own archive that will always be available here as a backup too.
I have show 16 in the works. All this other stuff has kinda taken over lately, but I’ll try to wrap it up this weekend.

Show 15 of Songs From The Commons

This show features great stuff from as well as some great stuff from CC Mixter’s Copyright Criminals contest. (Note that I had previously linked to by mistake – but it turns out they’re another great resource for Indy artists, so you should still check them out.)
All the info, with direct links to all media, is available on the website:

Songs From the Commons – Show 15

The next show will be July 17th! Thanks for being so patient guys!

Final Versions Of My Final Project for SFSU

I’ve created a student licensing guide for using content in mixed media production and licensing your own production when you’re done.
The final guide is available
. (.doc) file
Text version.
A longer winded version of the same information contained in the Guide (with historical references)
is available here:
Word File

Text version.
My pros and cons table comparing Creative Commons 6 main licenses (and the Public Domain) is here:
Pros and Cons of Creative Commons Licenses
(As an idealist and a skeptic.)

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Give Me Feedback On My Creative Commons Pros and Cons Table

Update April 13, 2006 – The link below goes to the final version. As I mentioned earlier, I hope that this table will continue to be a work in progress. Please let me know about your pros and cons.
Okay — I’ve got a draft up of my
Creative Commons Pros and Cons
As Both An Idealist and a Skeptic
I’m only covering the main 6 licenses. But I’d like to keep adding to it after this initial publication.
Please email me at with any comments/suggestions/criticisms.
I leave for school tomorrow to turn things in around 3pm PST, so please, if you can, send me your comments by noon, that would be great.
I very much appreciate whatever time you have to look this over.
Again, non-expert feedback is also very much appreciated! This is supposed to be a guide for students of broadcasting, not law 🙂 I’d like to think it could be useful for anyone.

Give Me Feedback On My Student Licensing Guide – By tonight if possible

Update April 13, 2006: The final guide is available Here.
Text version.
I’m in the process of completing my final project for SFSU’s Broadcast Electronic Communications Arts department (BECA) — My assignment is to write a student licensing guide to help students with licensing their school productions.
It’s most of the way complete except for a Pros and Cons table that I won’t have ready for a few more hours.
A word file with the tracking turned on is available here:

A text file:

I’m including a text file here and in the “more” section below.
Please make changes directly to the file, or send me an email with suggestions about specific sections – please quote the text so I know what you’re referring to.
This isn’t about proofreading! This thing’s already in pretty good shape. I’m wondering if it makes sense to experts and non-experts alike.
You do not need to be a legal expert to be helpful to me. I’m wondering if this stuff makes sense to newbies too. That’s the whole point of this guide.
Please email me a with your comments and/or edited word file.

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