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My Song: Call Your Senators – Save the Affordable Care Act

Update: Currently recording my own music for this. 🙂 Taking longer than expected 🙂

List of phone numbers to CALL YOUR SENATORS NOW and tell them to save the Affordable Care Act!

Call Your Senators – Save The ACA – Download as .mov file

Call Your Senators – Save The ACA – Download as an .mp4 file

Last night, I watched Xeni Jardin on MSNBC talk about how heathcare is not a political issue; it’s a human one:

I went to sleep around 8pm last night, exhausted from a horrible day all around. This is a song I wrote after waking up at 3am this morning freaked out and, for once, rather angry, about losing our healthcare, for many, almost as soon as they received it.

I’ve had Lady Gaga’s “Ayo” on my mind lately… and everything just came together.

List of phone numbers to CALL YOUR SENATORS NOW and tell them to save the Affordable Care Act!

Lyrics by Lisa Rein. Music is Instrumental “A-yo” from Lady Gaga:


Newborn babies have no sin
except the hospital they’re born in
They should know their place, they should know their place
Throw it in their, throw it in their face

Can’t wait till the senate comes around
to strike this mother fucker down
Tearin up the session, movin with aggression,
Now it’s a party

They passed a repeal in the house
Faster than you can say precondition
precondition precondition
it’s got me on a mission

Hey CALL YOUR SENATORS so you can remind ’em
To take a look behind it
Truth is where you find it
If you represent me and you kinda like it
Take a stand and fight it
or you’ll be saying bye bye

A-yo A-yo We smoking em all
A-yo A-yo We smoking em all
A-yo A-yo We smokin’ ’em all

They passed a repeal with the pres
Before they told us what it says
They play by different rules
Do they think we’re fools?
Thinking we can learn a thing or two

Can’t wait till this thing it dies for good
Faster than you can try to save it
You can try to fake it
but you’ll never make it
Don’t think that we won’t come for you!

So CALL YOUR SENATORS so you can remind ’em
take a look behind it
Truth is where you find it

If you represent me and you kinda like it
Take a stand and fight it
or you’ll be saying bye bye

A-yo A-yo We smoking em all
A-yo A-yo We smoking em all
A-yo A-yo We smokin’ ’em all

In case you are wondering: THIS IS POLITICAL SATIRE and is clearly covered under FAIR USE. (As SATIRE and POLITICAL commentary are CLEARLY PROTECTED BY THE FIRST AMENDMENT every way sideways.)

Disclaimer: I am warning Senators that we will “come for them” – and I am, of course, only talking about coming for them with peaceful non-violent means – and by not voting for them again, ever, if they vote for healthcare repeal. (Here are the 19 Republicans that flipped to kill our health care.) So don’t bother trying to go all “she’s advocating violence” on me. In contrast, repealing our healthcare is clearly a violent and deadly act placing millions of Americans at risk, many of them babies and children.

These Senators don’t seem to respond to anything but large numbers of angry constituents, so I guess we’d better give it to them.

Interesting Eyestrain Information

I’ve been having a bit of eyestrain lately from staring at the computer 24-7 on three different machines.
(An unfortunate side effect of assuring in a timely manner that the web-based application I’ve been working on is cross-browser compatible. More on this very soon!)
I found this paper on eyestrain from Dr. Larry Bickford that had some helpful suggestions and information.
Thought you might be interested.

Join The Organic Rebellion!

This thing is funny as hell, but its message is extremely important:
non-organic food can be bad for your health.
It’s sad to me that, instead of regulating our “regular” food so it’s safe (doesn’t contain pesticides, hormones, or other harmful ingredients), we’ve sort of given up on our regular food and decided to try to start up a brand of “healthy” food that won’t hurt us.


Lisa Sez: Tai Chi Is Genuine Medicine

I’m speaking purely from experience, since I’ve been using Tai Chi to treat various health problems I’ve been having. (I’ve had the health problems for about the last year, but the most effective cure so far has been Tai Chi! And it really makes a difference on the days I don’t do it. It’s incredible. I’ve only been doing it for about the last two months — but the improvement to my overall health is absolutely incredible.)
I just saw this article that actually studied this phenomenon among patients with a lot bigger problems than I have, and the results are pretty interesting.

Tai Chi Chih Boosts Shingles Immunity In Older Adults

From the Center For The Advancement Of Health
(via BoingBoing)

The report in the September issue of Psychosomatic Medicine is the first study to show that a behavioral intervention can influence the virus-specific immune response, say Michael R. Irwin, M.D., of the Cousins Center for Psychoneuroimmunology at the University of Los Angeles, California and colleagues.
On average, the 18 adults who participated in the tai chi chih program had an increase of nearly 50 percent in immune cell levels one week after completing the program, although individual responses to the exercises varied substantially in this group.
Tai chi chih participants were significantly more likely to increase their immunity than those who did not participate in the program, however.
Tai chi chih practice was also associated with improvements in physical functioning, especially among those who had the most problems with everyday tasks like walking and climbing stairs at the beginning of the study..

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Dr. George Ricaurte of The John S. Hopkins Medical Institution in Baltimore Is A Big Fat Liar A Sloppy Researcher

Update 2:38pm — it has been brought to my attention that Ricaurte’s screw up was a “mistake,” rather than an intentional, precalculated deception. As you may well know by now, intent matters to me, so incompetence is sort of a defense in this case, I suppose, but it still sounds pretty shaky at best.

Here’s a great synopsis about it by Derek Lowe
. (Note that Derek also agrees with me — that the original results should not have been published at all without first being repeated!)

It’s still irresponsible to publish information that could have such a profound impact on the population without qualifying it first at least twice in one’s own lab. Sloppy research at best. But the stuff I say below was said when I thought there was a deliberate misconception going on. Here’s the original retraction article. Nuff said. There’s more important stuff going on.
So the bozo that scared the world into thinking that one Ecstasy trip could scar your brain for life has admitted that he lied about his test results. (He has officially “retracted” them — and admitted to using other substances on the subjects involved than the substances that were supposed to be the focus of the study. That’s lying!)
Yeah I’ll say it’s “a major flaw in his research” that the research was absent of the the drug he’s supposedly testing.
This guy shouldn’t even be allowed to do research anymore. We don’t need big fat liars like you in Academia buddy. Away with you!
Leave your beaker at the door!

Here’s ABC World News
on the subject.
Here’s the report containing some of the lies.
I hope it goes without saying that anything else this guy’s done should be considered suspect as well.
Here’s a clip from the summary I quote above:

But all that said, I have to then turn around and wonder why the original paper was published at all. I was surprised to learn that their results hadn’t been repeated beforehand. You’d think that this would be necessary, given the public health implications of the work and its variance with the results of others in the field. I can’t help but think that the researchers got their original data, thought they had a hot result that would make everyone sit up straight, and got it into publication as fast as they could.
I’m really taken aback to learn that they hadn’t looked at the original monkeys for MDMA levels before. Getting blood samples from monkeys is no easy task, but why wait until there’s a problem to do the post-mortem brain levels? Those numbers really would have helped to shore up the original results – and would have immediately shown that there was a problem, long before the paper was even published. I don’t like to sound this way, but it’s true: in the drug industry, we consider pharmacokinetic data like this to be essential when interpreting an animal study.

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Business Finally Catching On To The Opportunities Of Atkins-related Health Trends

A number of close friends of mine have lost a lot of weight on the Atkins Diet. I’ve learned a number of health tips from them in the process.
This clip from KTVU Channel 2 News in San Francisco seemed to summarize some of the spirit behind this growing movement — while also highlighting a new chain of franchises — Castus Low Cal Superstores. One has just opened in San Ramon, California, and KTVU went over there to check it out.
This is from the August 7, 2003 program.

KTVU On Atkins/Low Carb Grocery Store
(Small – 12 MB)

“Rezrobics” Exercise Video Free to American Indians

Rezrobics is a video providing health and exercise information that comes with a second video designed to make light of the first.

Here’s a great video created by Gary Rhine about exercise and eating right. The video is freely-available to American Indians and a $40 donation for the rest of us. My guess is that most everyone can use the information this video contains. I’ll let you know more when my set arrives.

Diabetes is a serious problem in Indian communities as a result of the nutrition-poor commodity-based diet that they were forced to survive on since around the turn of the last century, when Indian people were forced onto reservations and forbidden to hunt or fish.

The government promised to provide whatever food would be needed and did so with commodities; primarily white flour, white sugar and lard. A high sugar, high carbohydrate, high fat diet for the last 100 years has caused type two diabetes to become quite commonplace among Native American populations.

The videos are available free of charge to those of American Indian descent. A $40 donation is requested for non-indians. Order Now!

There is also a special commons-friendly message on the tape asking viewers to please make copies and distribute them freely:

Copies of the videos are being distributed free of charge throughout the Indian communities of North America. While Navajo Health Promotions distributes on and around The Navajo Nation via clinics, schools and video stores, DreamCatchers oversees distribution to the rest of “Indian Country”. There is no FBI warning on the programs. Instead, the opening message states, “Please make copies and give them to your friends and relatives”.