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November 02, 2004
The Deal With Provisional Ballots

The Republican spin doctors have done a bang up job clouding the issues surrounding Provisional Ballots.

Provisional Ballots are a good thing, not a bad one. They are the last fail safe to protect rightfully-registered voters from not having their votes counted.

The point is, if you show up for the wrong precinct, you can still be given a provisional ballot if you ask for one, that should be counted when voting administrators confirm your registration after closing time. (Yeah, the jury's still out on how well these will be counted. Browne addresses this issue in the video clip.

There are some things you need to know about Provisional Ballots, Here's a really great piece from Bill Moyers which explains all about Provisional Ballots. (I've also included the whole interview with Judith Browne, Senior Attorney for the Advancement Project. She explains the other forms of voter intimidation that her organization has filed lawsuits over.)

Judith Browne Explains Provisional Ballots

This is from the October 17, 2004 program of Bill Moyers NOW!
(I know the directory says Oct 29, but I just realized it now, and I don't want to break the other links. So I'll have to fix it later.)

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G.O.P. Can Challenge Voters at Ohio Polls, Court Rules

G.O.P. Can Challenge Voters at Ohio Polls, Court Rules

What a bunch of crap.

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Daily Show Comedy Clips From November 1, 2004 - Including An Interview With Fox News' Chris Wallace

These clips are from the November 1, 2004 program.

Daily Show Comedy Clips and Interviews For November 1, 2004

Included in these (6) clips:

Jon Stewart Telling Us To Get out there and VOTE!

A two part interview with Fox News' Chris Wallace
(where he explains that Fox has a four person panel now that has to decide unanimously before a winner can be declared.)

Kerry and Bush respond to Bin Laden's new tape

Cheney, Chelsea, Bruce and Arnold On The Campaign Trail

A voting report from Ed Helms and Stephen Colbert

The Daily Show
(The best news on television.)

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Use mypollingplace.com To Find Your Local Precinct

If you're a new voter or have just moved into your neighboorhood (or just can't remember where you voted last time), or would just like to know more about what methods will be used by your precinct this year, My Polling Place.com
can help.

Just enter your street address and zip code, and you can find your polling place, learn on what type of machine you will use to cast your vote, and get instructions on how to use that machine.

Thanks Josh!

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November 01, 2004
Daily Show Comedy Clips From October 28, 2004 - Including An Interview With John Zogby, Uber Pollster

These clips are from the October 28, 2004 program.

Daily Show Clips and Interviews from October 28, 2004

Mirror of these clips

(Thanks to Internet Veterans For Truth)

Included in these (6) clips:

-Arafat's fall
-A Red Sox Moment For Rob
-An Interview with poll taker John Zogby (with some good news :-)
-AN EXCELLENT PIECE where Stewart skillfully uses the Shrub's own words against him (shrubisms.mov)
-A film documenting attitudes toward the election in a small town
-Stephen Colbert's "This Week In God"

The Daily Show
(The best news on television.)

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