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August 29, 2003
Day 1 - March 1, 2003 - AM - David Reed At Stanford's Spectrum Policy Conference

At long last! I'll be putting up presentations from the Spectrum Policy: Property or Commons? conference at the rate of about one every other day for the next two weeks or so.

This conference changed the way I think about a lot of things, not just spectrum, but I must admit that I didn't fully grasp cognitive radio beforehand. They really took the time to explain everything to us and then gave us a chance to dig our teeth in a bit as the weekend progressed by engaging in some discussions and, at the very end, a moot court where the issues were debated.

This conference was a bit of a death march** in the sense that it started at 8am and went until 8 or 9pm (or 10 or 11) easily both nights. (Oh wait, that was Joi Ito's party that went late on Sunday :-) (**And I mean that in a good way -- I didn't realize how exhausted I was till the end -- it was very exciting while it was taking place. It was just a lot of information crammed into two days.)

Anyway I recorded the whole darn thing. Even the speakers who presented over dinner -- as you'll be well aware of from the silverware noises in the background. I had to record everything because it's all so important.

So here it is. If you haven't been able to wrap your head around open spectrum and cognitive radio yet, this conference will bring you up to speed immediately. Particulary the first half-day of presentations -- an array of backgrounders from the top experts in the field. It's not so hard to understand when these guys explain it to you step by step.

For each of the presentations, I will be creating a single, huge file (the "1a, 2a, etc." numbered files) and four smaller files for easier downloading (labeled 1, 2, etc. as the day progresses).

If I haven't explained this before, the reason I make all of these slides is to enable people to use them in presentations they are putting together themselves for their own classes and collegues, should they wish to do so. (I'm trying to save teachers the time of trying to capture stills from the video.)


David Reed - Sat AM - Part 1 of 4
(Small - 32 MB)

David Reed - Sat AM - Part 2 of 4
(Small - 24 MB)

David Reed - Sat AM - Part 3 of 4
(Small - 38 MB)

David Reed - Sat AM - Part 4 of 4
(Small - 35 MB)

David Reed - Sat AM - Complete
(Small - 127 MB)

Left to right (above), Ren Bucholz (EFF), Cory Doctorow (EFF), Matthew Haughey (Metafilter), Aaron Swartz (Creative Commons)

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