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July 06, 2002
Mozilla Coverage in CNN

Wow this is great to see Mozilla covered on CNN. Good luck guys!

(Be sure to view this article in Mozilla so you can turn off the pop-up ads!)

Posted by Lisa at 10:14 PM
July 03, 2002
Fun With Mozilla "Groups"

Have you downloaded Mozilla yet? Do yourself a favor and give it a try today!

One of the features I love about Mozilla 1.0 is the tabbed windows. You can also create "groups" of bookmarks, so you can open all your working windows easily everytime you relaunch the application.

Here's an example groups file to get you started if you'd like to try this out.

After replacing the site names and urls in the example file, select "Manage Bookmarks" from the "Bookmarks" menu bar up top. Once in the Bookmark window, select "Tools" and then "Import" to have your groups added to the Bookmark menus.

You also might want to engage the "View" - "Show/Hide" "Sidebar" feature, so that you can look at your bookmark groups and open and close the little expanding windows.

Posted by Lisa at 09:37 AM
June 17, 2002
Mozilla's lack of default Formatting for XML docs Still Sucks

Well I just found the first thing out that sucks about Mozilla 1.0: it still has no default CSS or XSLT stylesheet when none is specified so you can view and parse, view and debug XML fragments easily.

It just means that Internet Explorer is stilll my XML Development browser of choice, for now.

There's supposed to be some way to configure client side stylesheets, so I'll try to go find that feature...I guess (shrug).

Posted by Lisa at 05:09 PM
June 15, 2002
New Great Features In Mozilla 1.0

After going to last week's Mozilla party, I figured I'd download it and give it a try.

A friend pointed some cool features out to me (See linked graphics below for instructions on configuring these):

Posted by Lisa at 12:44 PM