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October 10, 2005
Looking for Good XHTML and CSS Validation and Development Pages

I'm getting the feeling that I don't have as many XML Dev peeps as I used to reading my blog -- because I didn't get any suggestions from my last post.

I did locate the W3C XHTML Validator page, and I'm brushing up on the Web Accessibility Initiative tools, as I want my apps to be accessible to all.

I remember there were some really cool CSS tools popping up a while back, so perhaps you could point me to those.

Anyway, I am putting out another call to please send me your favorite tools. I'm a gonna need 'em. -- lisa@lisarein.com is my email.


Posted by Lisa at 12:23 PM
September 28, 2005
Getting re-Set-up For XML Development - After A Two Year Hiatus

Hey guys - I could use your help regarding the best XML Editors and Parsers as of late. Right now, I need an XML Editor with an XSLT parser -- and preferably an XML Schema validator, built in.

I'm also interested in php modules for XSLT.

And for XSLT tutorials -- so I can ramp back up!

Thanks in advance for your usual great advice.


Posted by Lisa at 10:41 AM