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October 18, 2004
Excellent Propaganda Film On 911's Flight 77

I remember people talking about Flight 77 -- the 747 that skillfully flew into the first floor of the Pentagon, and its strange circumstances, a bit immediately following the events. Then, like everyone else, I just kinda forgot about it.

This film does an excellent job of making the case that there was some kind of cover up surrounding the Pentagon attack. The film suggests that it was perhaps a missile -- or perhaps combined with some kind of explosives -- that caused the damage.

Simply stated: if it was a plane hit the building, where's the wreckage?

They also bring up great details like how the man who supposedly flew the plane couldn't fly his way out of a paper bag in flight school.

Whether you decide that the film connects the dots or that's baseless propaganda and it's time to put your tinfoil hat on. It's definitely an thoughtful piece that somebody worked hard on for a while.


(Thanks to my buddies who sent this to me. You know who you are :-)

911 Pentagon Strike

Posted by Lisa at 06:06 PM