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June 11, 2006
Jay Puts Me Up On Stage

Well I guess I was squirming in my seat a little too much. Jay Dedman finally had me come up on stage as part of the panel. Thanks Jay :-)

If I find any pictures or footage from it, I'll let you know.

Update: wow that took like five minutes! Here are some pictures (thanks to Steve Rhodes):

Posted by Lisa at 02:14 PM
Another Frustrating Copyright Session (at Vloggercon) - Here's where you can get more straightforward information

I'm here at a panel on copyright, and they're taking questions from the audience, but not answering them.

Even when they are questions with fairly straight forward answers.

It makes me want to remind everyone, that I have a brief slide show here that answers a lot of questions. A licensing guide and longer explanation of the history involved is also available.

Feel free to email me with questions too.


Posted by Lisa at 01:19 PM
June 09, 2006
Heading to Vloggercon tomorrow

Hey I'm actually venturing out into the world again
(now that I've overcome my post post-education burnout :-)

I'm hoping to show everyone the new application I've been working on with Mary Hodder:

Dabble is a video search and remix community. You can use it to bookmark all the videos you like on all the different hosting sites and keep them organized all in one place.

We're still in a closed beta, but I'm allowed to invite my readers -- and anyone going to
Vloggercon. So send me an email and I'll hook you up.
(And then you can invite your friends.)

Email me your RSS feed too, so I can add it to our search engine.

Hope to see you this weekend. I'll be the tall girl with the long hair wearing a "dabbler" t-shirt.

see you there!

Posted by Lisa at 10:56 AM