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May 27, 2007
No Need To Take Bill Richardson Seriously As A Presidential Candidate

I'm watching Bill Richardson on Meet the Press right now, and Tim Russert is doing a great job of making it clear that this guy is all over the map and not worth any serious consideration for President in 2008.

OMG. He just said he couldn't address the immigration bill he opposes because he's been on the road campaigning and hasn't actually read it yet. You've got to be kidding me.

I mean - I agree that it sucks - and there's lots of easy reasons to give that explain why, and I haven't read the damn thing, and even I could do that. What is with this guy?

He's done some interesting things in the past that I agree with, that I wish I had enough time to link to right now. He's not a "bad guy." But he ain't it for 2008!

That about covers it. I have it on tape, of course, if you need it. But why would you? :-)

Posted by Lisa at 11:13 AM
May 10, 2007
BarackObama In the Twitterverse?

Yeah I stole this category title from the daily show. I'll embed the vid in the "more" section, if they ever send me my "embed" code...

BarackObama really in the twitterverse?

Does it really even matter?

Update 05-11-07 - so far he hasn't twittered me back! Humph!

Posted by Lisa at 08:53 PM