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October 19, 2006
Dabble Gets A Nice Write Up In The Digimart Blog

Kind words from documentarian Peter Wintonick:

In terms of figuring out video on the net, of course we have our GooTubes and our Revvers and all the other perfectly great initiatives. But from me, byte by byte, Dabble is the next great thing, the next great think. Co-founder Lisa Rein presented a run-through. She is a multi-talented coder, podcaster, musician, re/mixmash artist and co-founder and first Technical Architect of Creative Commons, and the XML world's "it" girl. That's it as in I.T. If I was an enlightened patron of the electronic arts, or a venture capitalist, and I'll never be because I am still waiting for money to become open-source, Rein and her team at Dabble have cottoned onto something with vision which answers my age old consumer question: How can I get my head around and manage all that video that's out there on the web? Dabble provides an elegant, innovative answer. It zooms through literally millions and millions of clips and video videos out there and brings it all back to us at our little home/work stations. It scans, searches, organizes and indexes it all. It searches, makes sense and shares.

But the real genius is that it doesn't actually need to bring in video from all over the place, it points to that content that partners and creators have out there and lets your keyboard fingers do the rest in a few easy steps. Like all great new things it makes the complicated simple. The nice thing about Dabble for makers and owners of content, is that it's not a spider, and the original creator sources are attributed. And for all of us social networkers, which includes a few social not-workers too, Dabble’s bookmarklets, playlists and all sorts of value added features really do add connective value.

Posted by Lisa at 10:26 PM