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May 04, 2007
Time For A New Cell Phone

Update 5/7/07 - ok too hard to find a phone that meets everything? or just who cares?

Haven't heard from anyone :-)


My phone from 2003 is literally falling apart now and the time has come to move into the modern age for me.

My cell phone can't take pix or vids and can receive text messages, but can't even send them!

I need to know quickly which phones are best and why, so I can make a good decision.

I don't really want to spend a lot...but I'll spend what I have to to get something decent.

Now I want:
-video capabilities
-video upload capabilities (don't want the vids "trapped" in my phone)
-digi pic (always comes with vid anyway)
-pic upload

anything else I need to include?

Thanks in advance for your usual great advice.

Posted by Lisa at 02:45 PM