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November 11, 2008
Some Cool Music Videos

Time to just have some fun with some cool music videos I've been digging:

by Duffy.

by Duffy.

I think I'm in love
by Beck.

Disco Lies
by Moby.

Gamma Ray
by Beck.

Posted by Lisa at 11:31 AM
February 11, 2008
McCain On TV Funhouse

You know, everything I have to say about John McCain I already said back in 2004.

What was true then is perhaps even truer now. This animation says it better than words ever could.

Posted by Lisa at 05:01 PM
September 02, 2007
Current.tv Vid from Burning Man

Hey gang, this is pretty cool:


Here's the whole burning man channel.

I don't really understand what's going on yet. I'm late for dinner, but I wanted to put this up before I left!



Posted by Lisa at 01:02 PM
April 08, 2007
Kent Bye On Speaking Out

Kent Bye just recently relocated to San Francisco from Maine, and the Bay Area will never be the same :-)

Just found this cool vid of Kent Bye and Jay Dedman walking through San Francisco discussing the role of citizen journalism's influence on big media and their continued state of denial regarding its obvious impact.

Translation: Turns out that people's opinions do matter after all!

Update 4/13/07 - Kent explained to me that "That vid is actually from NYC way back in October of 2005. :)
Jay shot it and was cleaning up his archives during VBW07"

Posted by Lisa at 05:47 PM
March 27, 2007
Stephen Colbert vs. OK Go

On YouTube:
Stephen Colbert vs. OK Go

This is another creation from his blue screen contest. (It's all up on the same youtube page.)

Posted by Lisa at 08:20 PM
November 23, 2006
Thanksgiving Playlist

Hey send me any thanksgiving videos you know of (that ya like :-) and I'll keep adding them all day.

Today I realized that, yes, there will be a wireless network in every household that I'll be celebrating at today (I'm hopping around a bit), and, no, I wasn't too proud to bring my laptop along with me and add videos to this playlist all day.

Thanksgiving 2006 Playlist

If it's not rude to watch football or whatever it certainly can't be too rude to watch videos on my laptop :-)

Email me with your vids at lisa@dabble.com or send me a dabble message after you register for your own dabble account.

thanks and

gobble! gobble!

Posted by Lisa at 02:24 PM
November 11, 2006
Karate Monkey

This monkey can really do Karate!

Posted by Lisa at 07:37 PM