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July 29, 2003
Interview With Laura Splan - Illegal Artist

I'm making a film about the Illegal Art Exhibit that just finished up here in San Francisco this month.

I'll posting much a lot of my footage from the movie in bits and pieces over the next few weeks.

It is my hope that the finished products (1. a 22 minute television program and 2. a longer, feature-length film) might actually get some television airplay and maybe accepted in some film festivals and things.

To start things off, here's an interview with Laura Splan, who's a local artist here in San Francisco that just got picked up for the San Francisco leg of the show (and will be staying with the show as it moves on to Philadelphia in September.)

Laura created pillows of prescription pills. She's one of the local artists that got picked up by the tour here in San Francisco and her work will be included in the exhibit Here's Laura explaining why she feels she should be able to create art however she wants to.

Laura Splan About Her Illegal Art
(Small - 3 MB)

Laura Splan About Her Illegal Art
(Hi-res - 47 MB)

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July 24, 2003
ILAW 2003 - Day 3 - July 2, 2003 - AM 1 of 2 - How Technology, Law and the Market Affect The Web's Content Layer

This panel also includes a lot of illegal art so I've included it in the appropriate category.

This is a panel featuring Google's Alex Macgillivray, the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Wendy Seltzer and Glenn Otis Brown of the Creative Commons.

Introduction from Larry:

Yesterday, we focused on the physical layer and the logical layer.

Today, we focus on the content layer. The content layer has two radically different types of content built into it:

1) Content of MP3s and film

2) Content of programs and applications

Today we will walk through the scope of technology affecting *this* type of content and the law affecting on *this* type of content and the market on *this* type of content.

Charlie Nesson was the host for the panel.

Charlie's Content Panel - Part 1 of 4
(Small - 43 MB)

Charlie's Content Panel - Part 2 of 4
(Small - 39 MB)

Charlie's Content Panel - Part 3 of 4
(Small - 44 MB)

Charlie's Content Panel - Part 4 of 4
(Small - 36 MB)

Just a few notes and lots of pictures for this one. This includes excerpts from the Illegal Art film festival and lots of great media clips from all three guests.

Day 3 Tape 1

8:49 - What is P2P with Alex

9:51 - "Democratization of the space"

11:00 - Napster

13:30 - Charlie Nesson as a supernode

20:14 - Fred


Day 3 Tape 2

Cut out part around 13:20 - tech diff

21:45 - Lynne Cheney

25:00 Mention of Howard Dean meetup

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July 23, 2003
Illegal Art Film Festival Today And Tomorrow At The Roxie

Here are all the details from my earlier post, for all of the film titles and such.

I'll be there from 2pm on. There's a new movie/collection of movies being shown every two hours, and they're all cool. So just come down whenever you can make it.

Today's guest speakers include:

Lawrence Lessig introducing "Willfull Infringement" at 6pm, and answering questions afterwards.

Rick Prelinger, Members of Paul Harvey Oswald, and Brian Boyce will be introducing a bunch of shorts at 2pm.

Craig Baldwin and Don Joyce will introduce "Gimmie the Mermaid" and "Sonic Outlaws" films at 4pm.

Price: $5 sliding scale. Whatever you can contribute is great -- the money goes to the artists.

Directions and Important Parking Info:
The Roxie is at 3117 16th St., at the corner of Valencia St.

The 16th Street Bart Station is a block from the Theatre. (A very short block.)

All the meters are only an hour in that neighborhood, and in the evening parking's next to impossible on the street, so you'll want to just hit the parking lot inbetween Mission and Valencia and 16th and 17th Street, (in a little alley). It's right next to the theatre, and not too overpriced.

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July 17, 2003
Lots Of Great "Illegal Art" Film and Video Screenings Coming Up Next Week At The Roxie

And they're all being introduced by a collection of all star guests:

This is the:
Illegal Art Film & Video Schedule
at Roxie Cinema (3117 16th St., at the corner of Valencia St.)
Tickets available at the door: general, $8; seniors and children, $4.

More info and movies for online viewing or downloading: http://www.illegal-art.org

Wednesday, July 23 * 2 pm, 10 pm
Thursday, July 24 10pm

With Introductions by Rick Prelinger, Members of Paul Harvey Oswald, and Brian Boyce (on wed)
and Rick Prelinger, and possibly Jino Choi or Dan Spalding (who did Fellowship of the Ring of Free Trade) on Thursday

Paul Harvey Oswald, Fair Use
Eric Fensler, GI Joe PSAs
Brian Boyce, State of the Union
Phil Patiris, Iraq Campaign 1991
Brian Springer, Spin

In Spin, documentary filmmaker Brian Springer captures the behind-the-scenes maneuverings of politicians and newscasters in the early 1990s. Pat Robertson banters about "homos," Al Gore learns how to avoid abortion questions, George Bush talks to Larry King about halcyon-all presuming they're off camera. Iraq Campaign 1991 transforms network news footage, clips from Star Trek, and sports coverage (all used without permission) into a devastating critique of the media/industrial complex.

Wednesday, July 23 * 4 pm
Thursday, July 24 * 6 pm

With introductions by Craig Baldwin and Don Joyce

Tim Maloney with Negativland, Gimme the Mermaid
Craig Baldwin, Sonic Outlaws

Sonic Outlaws is a gleefully anarchic documentary focused on the band Negativland and its travails with copyright and trademark infringment. The film also probes the world of recontexualizing corporate advertising through culture-jamming. Director Craig Baldwin and Don Joyce (of Negativland) will be on hand to introduce the films and answer your questions.

Wednesday, July 23 * 6 pm

With an Introduction and Q and A with Lawrence Lessig

Greg Hittelman and Jed Horovitz, Willful Infringement

A new documentary about copyright law featuring a Rolling Stones cover band, Public Enemy, copyright guru Lawrence Lessig, and a couple of clowns. Lessig will be on hand to introduce the film and answer questions afterward.

Wednesday, July 23 * 8 pm
Thursday, July 24 * 8 pm

With an introduction by Jean Hester on Thursday

Keith Sanborn, The Artwork in the Age of its Mechanical Reproducibility
D. Jean Hester, Buy Me
Paul Harvey Oswald, Natural Thing
Eileen Maxson, Untitled
Brian Spinks, Bill Wasik, Eugene Mirman, Black Thunder
Michal Levy, Giant Steps
Jem Cohen, excerpt from Chain
Naomi Uman, Removed
Michael Colton, Puppy Love
Todd Haynes, Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story
(shown without permission)

A series of shorts that appropriate copyrighted works in one way or another: through the use of found footage (Black Thunder, Natural Thing, Removed), unauthorized music (Giant Steps), or corporate imagery (Chain). Plus Todd Haynes' cult classic Superstar. With Barbie dolls as the principal actors, Superstar portrays the life of Karen Carpenter and her battle with anorexia. Haynes never secured the rights to the Carpenters' music he used in the movie, and Richard Carpenter filed an injunction that kept Superstar from public release.

Thursday, July 24 * 10 pm

Brian Spinks, Bill Wasik, Eugene Mirman, Black Thunder
Brian Boyce, Special Report
Michael Colton, Puppy Love
Joe Gibbons, Barbie's Audition
Jino Choi and Dan Spalding, Fellowship of the Ring of Free Trade
Greg Hittelman and Jed Horovitz, Willful Infringement

Another set of stellar shorts, headlined by Willful Infringement, a new documentary about copyright law featuring a Rolling Stones cover band, Public Enemy, copyright guru Lawrence Lessig, and a couple of clowns.

Most films and videos can also be downloaded for free at http://www.illegal-art.org.

And don't miss the Illegal Art Exhibit, through July 25, at SF MOMA Artists Gallery (Fort Mason, Building A). Illegal Art is sponsored by Stay Free! Magazine.

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July 14, 2003
When Is A Black Box Actually A Good Thing?

When the term is referring to a venue where an upcoming Illegal Art gathering is taking place, of course.

What: Digital Mix: A Special BayFF Celebrating Illegal Art
When: July 25th, 8pm - 2am
Where: Black Box, 1928 Telegraph Avenue Near 19th Street BART
Directions: available here
Cost: $5 Suggested Donation (That means they'll take a dollar if that's all you have and don't not come just because you're broke! Tell them I sent you and I'll work it out later with them -- it's all good ;-)

For more information please contact: katina@eff.org

~ Kat5
~ Meanest Man Contest
~ Uprock
~ Mochipet
~ Freshblend

~ Fred von Lohmann (Electronic Frontier Foundation)
~ Glenn Otis Brown (Creative Commons)
~ Ray Beldner (Illegal Art)

Sponsored By:
~ XLR8R Magazine


On July 25th the Electronic Frontier Foundation will host a night of music, art, and conversation to celebrate digital culture. Hosted at the Black Box in downtown Oakland, this special BayFF will bring up-and-coming artists of electronica, digital film, and illegal art together with leaders from the cyber-rights movement.

Lawsuits and legislation have become the weapons of choice for dealing with file-sharing and cultural recycling ("sampling"); come out and discover what all the hype is about. Between laptop music, hip hop, and industrial performances, you will hear from people who are fighting to protect new forms of expression and cultural distribution from the attacks of the entertainment industry. This is an all-ages event.

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July 10, 2003
More Illegal Art Live Music - July 16th In San Francisco

Thought I'd give you a heads up on this one early enough to actually plan for it.

When: This coming Wednesday evening at 8PM Who: Wetgate, Wobbly, Steev Hise and Mr. Meridies.

Where: The A LOFT, 25A McLea Court (off 9th Street), San Francisco. Cost: Sliding scale donation of $5-$10 at the door.

Stay Free! Magazine


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July 09, 2003
Illegal Art Live Music Tonight In Oakland

Here's the scoop. (Looks like you'll want to get off at 19th street Bart and walk a few blocks over to 23rd St.)


Music performance I: Michael Gendreu (from Crawling with Tarts), RAJAR (David Kwan, Xopher Davidson, Patty Liu, Micheal Gendreau, Bob Boster), and Matt Davignon -- Wednesday, July 9, 8 p.m. 21 Grand, 449B 23rd Street (between Broadway and Telegraph), Oakland. Sliding scale donation of $5-$10 at the door.

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July 08, 2003
Illegal Art In The News

The SF Weekly, SF Bay Guardian, Wired News, and
the Alameda Times-Star are all talkin' 'bout the exhibit.

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Illegal Art Activities Going On All Month In San Francisco

The famed Illegal Art Exhibit that's been touring all across the country is in San Francisco for a good part of July.

Here's a clip from ABC news on the exhibit that will give you a taste of the treasures that await you.

There's also a great film festival where the artists and subjects of the films will be around on hand to answer questions.

Keep an eye out here for information on all of this stuff all month long.

Illegal Art On ABC News (Small - 5 MB)
Illegal Art On ABC News (Hi-res 100% - 92 MB)

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