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August 12, 2007
Omega-3 Chocolate is the Bomb

I've taken to eating BIJA's
Omega-3 Truffles
. It tastes just like awesome chocolate. But it's also a fun way to get your badly needed Omega-3 fatty acids...

Posted by Lisa at 02:25 PM
July 04, 2007
Colbert's "Americone Dream" Really Is Ice Cream At Its Finest

The first time I tried this ice cream, I kinda ate a half pint of it without stopping.

The cone always was the best part of an ice cream cone. How brilliant to break it up, cover it with chocolate, and throw it in with some caramel.

(Shhhh. No worries Steven, my love -- I won't jeopardize your marriage by sitting on your lap like that brazen hussy Jane Fonda did -- we can play footsie under the table during the interview while no one's watching :-)

Posted by Lisa at 10:01 PM