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July 18, 2008
DJs, Live Music, and Dancing All Day Long Today! - Wishfest In Second Life - Benefit for American Cancer Society - Fireworks at 10pm SLT

There's an awesome all day Dancing/Live Music event going on today at Wishfest in Second Life, courtesy of The Wishfarmers!

It's a Benefit for the American Cancer Society - with an INCREDIBLE collection of talent pooled for the occasion!

Date: TODAY! July 18, 2008
Time: 10am - 10pm SL time
Wishfest on Financial Isle

Relay Raiders present a 12 hour music event that will take place just before
the opening of the relay weekend.

There are 2 stages. A red stage that will be played by musicians and a
purple stage that will be played by DJ's.

At 7pm DJ Dakota Christensen will take over both streams as we will remember
Stori Knopfli. This will end at 10pm and will be followed by fireworks.

This all will take place at the Wishfest Sim(Financial Isle).

That kindly has been donated for use by The Wishfarmers.

Schedule Purple Stage:
10am - 12pm: DJ Ionic (Techno/Minitech)
12pm - 2pm: DJ Jenns (Electro)
2pm - 4pm: DJ Miss Cyberpink (Electro)
4pm - 7pm: DJ Nexeus Fatale (a Variation of audio pleasure)
7pm - 10pm: DJ Dakota Christensen will take over both streams as we will
remember Stori Konpfli. 7.16/07

Schedule Red Stage:
10am - Cylindrian Rutabaga
11am - Freestar Tammas
12pm - Soundcircel Flanagan
1pm - DJ Bono (Progressive House)
2pm - Relaycast by Maximillion Kleene, Mimi Carpenter and Dolmere Talamasca
3pm - Dewran Wopat
4pm - Charles Coleman
5pm - Dolmere Talamasca
6pm - JueL Resistance
7pm - 10pm: DJ Dakota Christensen will take over both streams as we will
remember Stori Knopfli. 7.16/07

Posted by Lisa at 10:06 AM
June 06, 2008
Wishfest 1.1 Begins Tonight at 5:30pm PST/SLT - I go on at 7:00!

Wishfest is a DIY art and music festival where anyone can show up with a stream and load it onto a stage and perform.

Somatika Xiao has re-located Wishfest to a new home on Financial Isle.

Here's the SLURL to get there. I go on at 7:00pm SLT/PST.

Update: Nick Noir will still do a few songs at 7! So I'll go on a little bit after him

Here's the line up:

5:30 pm - Just Some Guy (Gary Bukowski)

6:00 pm - Cylindrian Rutabega

7:00 pm - Me

Gary Bukowski

Nick Noir at Wishfest 1.0

I'll have a link to the stream up here soon.

Cya tonight!

Posted by Lisa at 09:47 AM
May 05, 2008
I'm In The Second Life Musician Showcase: Rock-it Room, San Francisco/Second Life May 14th!

Where: Rock It Room

406 Clement St.
San Francisco, CA 94118

When: Wednesday, May 14th 7:30pm

Cover: $5

Streaming url:

Blue Fusion Lake House slurl: SLURL

I hope you'll join me in Real Life in San Francisco, and in Second Life or via webstream from anywhere in the world, as I perform at 9pm SLT/PST time on May 14, 2008.

I'm just a little part of a huge Second Life showcase featuring SL star Keiko Takamura and 5 other artists -- but I get a full half hour set.

Here's a link to my music, if you're unfamiliar with my recent stuff: http://www.onlisareinsradar.com/archives/my_music_live_video/

The complete line up (all times are SLT/PST):

7:30 - BabbleGrabble Swindlehurst http://babblegrabble.com

8:00 - Pato Milo http://www.myspace.com/patomilo

8:30 - Jacopo de Nicola http://www.myspace.com/jacopodenicola

9:00 - Haley Bailey (aka Lisa Rein) http://www.onlisareinsradar.com/archives/my_music_live_video/

9:30 - Melanie Keller http://www.myspace.com/melaniekeller

10:00 - Keiko Takamura featuring ZeroOne Paz on percussion http://www.myspace.com/keikotakamura

They have free Wifi at Rocket Room too, so, even if you have to work, you can bring your laptops and geek out at the show!

Hope to see you there!

Posted by Lisa at 08:30 AM
April 12, 2008
JueL Resistance At Wishfest Sunday Night - 7pm SLT

Who: JueL Resistance

When: Sunday, April 13, 2008 - 7pm

Where: Wishfest 1.0 - Solaris II - Second Life

JueL Resistance's MySpace Page

JueL on 'thesixtyone'

As one of the first indie musicians to join and perform in Second Life, she has built a strong presence in the virtual world. A world where she is also known for her visual art work; her paintings, drawings and photography are displayed in various galleries throughout Second Life.

JueL also owns and performs at the infamous "Living Room #13" where she has headlined and hosted Naked Acoustic Sessions for almost 2 years, bringing in only the finest seasoned and raw musicians of SL.

JueL is currently working on her latest CD while preparing for her 2nd adventure to Mahoneyfest in Georgia. Her latest work in progress is a compilation of both recent and past experiences blended soulfully into a deep groove of blues, americana, folk and "unplugged acoustics".

We're very excited that JueL will be coming by to play Wishfest Sunday night!

Nick Noir will be going on right after her, at 8pm.

See you there!

Posted by Lisa at 05:02 PM
April 11, 2008
Machinima and Audio files of Cylindrian Rutabega's Performance at Wishfest 1.0

Come play at Wishfest 1.0 !

Last night's Wishfest 1.0 show started off our festival with a big bang. About 24 people showed up -- that's actually a lot for an SL event! As you can see from the movies, it was really hoppin!

Here's my favorite of Cylindrian's songs, "Sweet Alice."

I've made it available both as a big 54 MB and a smaller 20 MB file.

I've also made an audio file available as an MP3 (6 MB) and a higher fidelity wav file.

There's also a lengthier movie (19 MB) of the same song that includes some pre-song conversation with the crowd, and clip of another song (64 MB), that I'm sure Cylindrian will soon tell me the rightful name of :)

Photo below links to LARGE version (54 MB)

Posted by Lisa at 07:03 PM
March 22, 2008
Cylindrian Rutabega and ChangHigh Sisters Perfoming TODAY - Great Music and Visual Performance Art

DATE: TODAY - Saturday, March 22, 2008

TIME: 11am and 3pm SLT

Come see my pal Cylindrian Rutabega - along with the ChangHigh Sisters - performing LIVE.

I haven't seen the ChangHigh sisters personally yet, but for those of you, like myself, who are interested in both music artists, and the latest set design and visual performance art in the Second Life space, I hear they're pushing the envelope, and I think you'll be interested in checking out this show.

I'll be at the 3pm show, if you want to meet up there.

Cylindrian was very excited to be branching out a little from the traditional "music gig," and over into a new kind of artistic realm.

Here's a little more from the notecard from Cylindrian:

"ChangHigh Sisters will not only dance their beautiful firedances of an exotic and seductive nature, but will in the show, present the virtuals worlds first 2, 3, 6 and 7 acrobatic pyramids and will jump up in their rotating trapezes and show the harmony and elegance of an almost unseen kind ever before."

Click on the image below for a teleport.

Posted by Lisa at 12:49 AM
March 16, 2008
Cylindrian Rutabaga and Friends Tonight at the Central Perk, El Cerrito, CA

Cylindrian Rutabega -- "Grace" in RL - is playing the Central Perk in El Cerrito tonight (and I'll be hanging around with my guitar -- just in case :-)

She's there for three hours from 7-10 pm. She has a bunch of cool friends coming by and the Central Perk is my new favorite hang out i think. (Directions below photograph.)

This would also be a great time to come by and say hi in human form. I love my new robot and avatar friends, but it is still nice to see and hug the actual carbon-based unit corresponding to the identity of the human I love, during those rare special occasions when such meetings are possible :)

Cylindrian Rutabaga Live Tonight!

Directions: This place is really easy to get to:

- It's 1 block away from El Cerrito Plaza Bart, on the corner of Central Avenue and San Pablo.

- From Highway 80, coming North or South, it's the "Central Ave." Exit off the freeway. Then head east off the freeway for five minutes till you get to San Pablo Ave.

-From the North OR South, just take San Pablo Ave till it hits Central Ave. El Cerrito is in between Berkeley/Albany and Richmond. If you're coming north and you hit Guitar Center, you've gone too far.
Going south, hit the Pete's on the right and you've gone too far.

- Address: 10086 San Pablo, El Cerrito, 94530

-Phone: 866-417-5206

-See you tonight!

Posted by Lisa at 10:07 AM