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October 18, 2009
Boots Riley At The October 17, 2009 Anti-War Rally In San Francisco, California

Boots Riley Oct 17 - MOVIE
Boots Riley Oct 17 - WAV
Boots Riley Oct 17 - MP3

"A lot of what inspired me about what happened last year with the elections had nothing to do with Obama being elected. It had to do with the fact that it was obvious that people wanted a change.

Unfortunately, people thought they were electing an anti-war president. And, as you see, we're all over it - we got more war going on, and it's not gonna stop unless the people stop it. Unless we scare them into thinking there's a consequence for doing that."

-- Boots Riley, October 17, 2009.

Here's a radio edit of Boots' acapella performance, minus the speech before and an extra long pause in the middle. (So you can listen to it in your ipod without missing a beat - if you like it that way :)

Thanks for letting me know at lisa@lisarein.com if anything doesn't work. I'll fix it.

After he performed, he said this on his twitter account:

"Just finished performing@an anti-war protest in SF.Very low turn-out.With Obama in, more people r willin2ignore mass murder."

(Above) Boots Riley of the Coup, who's been on tour w/Tom Morello opening for NIN as "Street Sweeper Social Club," is here singing with Trent Reznor doing MC5's kick out the jams.

Boots in the crowd after his performance.

Posted by Lisa at 02:49 PM
March 20, 2009
It's the Sixth Anniversary of the Iraq War

Does anyone care? Seems like it's just me.

Well I do care. I'm very upset. And I don't think Obama is doing enough to get us out of Iraq, and I also don't see how it's any different than what Bush did, if he sends more troops over to Afghanistan, like he's talking about.

Feels a little like in the months after 911, frankly. When everybody was all "yea us!" while Bush moved in on Iraq, and everyone assured me that we would do the right thing.

I'll say it again: Waiting a year to close Guantanamo is wrong.

Not even mentioning the sixth anniversary of the war - just plain wrong.

I know the economy is everyone's first priority, but stalling on taking action on Guantanamo and Iraq, when lives are at stake, can't be right.

That's what it feels like is going on right now.

I waited a day, as I often do, to see if I still felt this way, before sharing my feelings with you. But I just felt stronger about it this morning. So there it is :-)



Posted by Lisa at 09:15 AM